“Small Claims” is a comedy that offers a good many laughs while making an important statement about the impact of today’s technology on society, and the consequences for many individuals who “over-use” it. While deeply engrossed in one’s smart phone, for instance, it may cause a person to run over things, bump into things, or simply neglect things altogether. This begs the question: Why do people with smart phones do such stupid things?   The film follows the story of PR agency owner Belle Almont, as she finds herself in constant legal trouble for the chronic misuse and abuse of her smart phone device, with each incident putting her at increasing risk of jail time. Just as she appears to have exhausted the last of her chances of staying out of the slammer, Judge Murphy Hanley sentences her to community service, a seemingly light punishment.   However, this isn’t just any community service. In lieu of doing time, Belle is given three months to assemble, rehearse, and perform with an improvisational comedy troupe made up of six of the most unfunny, untrained, and lackluster white-collar criminals Judge Hanley could think of. Saddled with a former office mailman and resident drug-dealer, a deadbeat dad and top-flight car salesman, a real estate secretary-turned-office supply thief, an accountant convicted of corporate embezzlement, an outrageous and flamboyant food distributor representative found guilty of assault, and a voluptuous HR director busted for fooling around in the workplace, Belle must put on a show before Judge Hanley and a live audience that will determine not just her fate, but those of her comedy players. If they are funny enough in the eyes of the judge, then they all walk free; if not, then their act will land them in prison. Can Belle and her team of unlikely improv comedians put on a successful and hilarious show? Or will the law catch them in the act once and for all? Either way, Belle will soon find out that getting off easy… was never so hard!